Worried about COVID-19? Why you should still apply abroad!

COVID-19 has inevitably changed the world, and with it, prospects for graduate study abroad. There are numerous ways the pandemic has affected studies: delaying when students can travel for their studies, shifting studies to a mostly online model, and leading to the cancellation of many scholarships and graduate program application seasons.

If you are facing one or more of these challenges, you shouldn’t resort to giving up on studying abroad. Here’s why:

Graduate programs will begin admitting students again.

In the US, many PhD programs chose not to admit students or to admit a limited number of students owing to overall loss of funding available. Limiting the number of students also allows graduate schools to better support existing graduate students. If you wanted to apply but found that your desired department is not admitting students, then you can also wait until the next application cycle to apply. There’s a lot you can do as you wait: work, research more on your subject, or find PhD fellowships that can help provide supplemental funding for you. If you’re interested in a Masters, this is also the time to begin looking for scholarships. Waiting might mean delaying your plans, but it can also end up being a very fruitful time.

Graduate programs have adapted to COVID-19

We are one-year into the pandemic, and many institutions have found ways of adapting to COVID-19. This means that scholarship opportunities are reopening with the requisite protocols. Embassies are offering visas. Some schools will expect you to go through an onboarding process which will involve COVID-19 tests and possible quarantine. Others are remaining virtual for the foreseeable future. Either way, institutions are working hard to find ways of giving you an appropriate educational experience given the circumstances.

So, go ahead and begin planning again. Don’t let COVID-19 stop your graduate study plans.

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