Where do I get scholarships?

People interested in higher education have often asked me where to get scholarships for their graduate studies. There are several ways you can look for scholarships:

  1. Google – As with almost anything, simply google using the field of study or country where you want to study. For example, scholarships for anthropology study or scholarships in Australia. This is a broad search and will yield a wide range of results for different levels. But Google is always a good place to start.

  2. Databases – Many organizations curate a list of scholarships. Google them. Examples include Opportunity Desk, Opportunities for Africans, Scholars4Dev, and Scholarships Positions. You can subscribe to their emails and get a list of available scholarships from time to time. These databases often list other opportunities such as youth leadership programs, which can be useful in expanding your career and exposing you to other opportunities. For Kenyan citizens, the Ministry of Education maintains a list of new scholarships on their website.

  3. Graduate Programs – The place where you want to study likely already has a list of funding opportunities for prospective students. Visit the graduate school or program pages and explore what options they have available. If they have their own internal funding, then your search is over.

  4. Networks – If you know family or friend or a friend of a friend studying what you want to study and where you want to study, then they are a good resource for you for all questions graduate study, especially funding. Tap into personal and others’ networks to enrich your search for scholarships.

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